Salads Are Not Boring: Spring Strawberry Salad

Spring. Salads. Strawberries. Super fresh. Okay,  so that addition to the alliteration was a stretch, but saying this dish is incredible, and amazing, and full of so many healthy fats is in no way an exaggeration. There are minimal ingredients but they come together to make this salad insanely refreshing and flavorful.     My … More Salads Are Not Boring: Spring Strawberry Salad

Vegan Layered Dip

There used to be a massive tub of what was supposed to be 7 layer dip that sat on my mother’s countertops nearly any time company came over. What the  7 layers were actually composed of, I never actually knew, but my mother was a diamond level member of the Homeschool Mom Costco Club; you … More Vegan Layered Dip